●Kita Sangyo is a manufacturer of "Closure", "PET bottle" and "Self-Heating Can."
●It is symbolized by "KK", supplying own products to various industries such as alcohol / non-alcohol beverages, foods, chemicals, etc.
●We propose "glass bottles", "metal cans" and "labels / paper packages" which enrich added value of products. "Design-consciousness" is our policy and advantage over competitors.
●This division is symbolized by "K2", "Kachi Kaihatsu... creating new value in packaging."
●The mission of "ROOTS division (Roots Machinery Laboratories, Inc., a machinery div. of Kita Sangyo) is manufacturing / supplying filling machines for small-middle size production with high filling quality and effectiveness competing with mass production. "Machines and equipments for high added value products" is our theme.
●We are specialist of high quality canning and bottling machines. We also import state-of-the-art wine making equipments, brewing equipments and gas technology equipments from Europe and US.
<Manufacturinng: KK division>, <Designe & Developing: K2 division> and <Machinery / Engineering: ROOTS division>. Kita Sangyo is making the best use of "Synergy Power" of the three divisions to satisfy its customers.