“Value creating packages and packaging machines”, “Challenging unique and original technology / products / design”, are our philosophy.

Kita Sangyo Co., Ltd. is a unique company providing; own manufacturing closures, PET bottles, self-heating cans , various package materials such as glass bottles, metal cans, labels and even packaging machines . “Synergy Power” of the three divisions is our intension and strong point.

Over 100 years fom the establishment in 1916, Japan-wide customers have supported Kita Sangyo. We will make much more efforts to create new value and to satisfy our customers.

Tsuneo Kita

Tsuneo Kita President

Corporate “Culture” that we aim for: (stated as "Strategy 2020→2024" in the annual plan as of October 2022)

  • Strategy 1: Realize No. 1 company as a supplier in the alcoholic beverage industry.
  • Strategy 2: Make a difference from others and enhance corporate brand and value
  • Strategy 3: As a manufacturing company, strengthen its structure and secure as our basic activity
  • Strategy 4:United power and synergy of "3 divisions - KK, K2, Roots", "diversity of business fields" and "proprietary unique know-how”